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Do You Know About These Diet Trends?

It’s so easy to fall for crash diets and weight loss trends. Some are just plain silly- remember when McLean burgers were advertised at McDonald’s or when “The Zone Diet” had celebs raving in the 90s? Diet trends can be wild! There are some diet trends that stick around because they work!

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Juice cleanses, detoxes, intermittent fasting and even clean eating…these are all recent trends that claim to help with weight loss. But really, how healthy are they?

Detox Dieting

What Detoxes Are

A detox diet is intended to rid your body of toxins and nurture your body. There are many different kinds of detox diets.

The Weight Loss Claims

Consuming fewer empty calories and toxins is believed to improve your health. This, in turn, can lead to weight loss by improving your diet. Some detox diets are specifically designed to help with weight loss.

The Effectiveness of This Method

There are some weight loss detox diets that are known to complement weight loss programs. 3 programs stand out.

Clean eating 1-1Juice Cleanses as Diets

What Juice Cleanses Are

Juice cleanses are a type of diet that limit you to consuming only liquids for a few days. The liquids are usually juices made out of raw fruits or vegetables. Sometimes protein powder or other supplements are sometimes added.

The Weight Loss Claims

Juice cleanses are believed to help with weight loss by limiting caloric intake and fat intake for a time.

The Effectiveness of This Method

The side effects of juice cleansing can be harsh. So, while juice cleanses can help with quick but minor weight loss, they should be carried out carefully.

Intermittent Fasting

What Intermittent Fasting Is

Cycling between fasting and eating strategically is a popular diet trend right now. Usually, intermittent fasting includes a specific diet on the days you are eating, such as consuming fewer carbs.

The Weight Loss Claims

It is believed that intermittent fasting helps with weight loss and fat loss by affecting hormone changes and reducing overall caloric intake.

The Effectiveness of This Method

A study shows that intermittent fasting can cause weight loss of 3-8% over 3-24 weeks. However, fasting can be risky for your health. Follow plans carefully and consult with your doctor.

Clean eating-1Clean Eating for Weight Loss

What Clean Eating Is

Unlike most diets, clean eating doesn't restrict calorie intake. It is basically a concept. When you eat clean, you consume whole and natural foods. You avoid highly refined and processed foods.

The Weight Loss Claims

Some people claim that whole foods help with weight loss. While that may be true, there isn’t a lot of scientific research yet about the effectiveness of clean eating for weight loss.

The Effectiveness of This Method

Generally speaking, clean eating is just healthy eating. It is effective for gaining more nutrients, cutting back on empty calories, and generally living a healthier life. That can definitely be helpful for weight loss.

Try Trends Carefully

Trends like intermittent fasting, detoxes, or clean eating may help with weight loss. Or they may not work for you. Fads like these always have risks and challenges.

If you try any of these trends, use caution. Listen to your body. Talk to your doctor to be sure the plan you choose is smart for your unique body and lifestyle. Also, don’t forget that healthy weight loss always requires exercise as well as a nutritious dieting.

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